I love playing solo piano, and being able to dive into the instrument at nobody’s pace but my own <3 Here’s a little home recording of what started as a random free thing but ended up to be a version of Here, There & Everywhere by The Beatles. For the geeks: my piano is a refurbished 1911 Grotrian Steinweg pianola (yes, it’s quite an interesting instrument and comes with some typical issues, but I really really love its sound and its feel). I recorded it here with my NoHype SRM-1 stereo ribbon microphone through the pre-amps of my UA Apollo X6 🙂 Mixed at home by moi as well.


I love to play my Rhodes (again for the geeks: it’s a 1981 Mark II 73), and this trio is dedicated to it. This arrangement of Seven Steps To Heaven I wrote a long time ago – the meter choice fitting the title. Funny haha. (You don’t need to laugh). Recorded during a demo session at Studio La Conserve, Brussels by Cyrille Obermüller and mixed by myself at home. There’s more EPRT-videos on my YouTube channel, check it out if you feel like it.

With Tutu Puoane

This is a live recording of waaayyyy back, but I still love it. The tune is called ‘Mpho’ and was written by me for our daughter, when she was still in Tutu’s belly back somewhere in 2007. This version hits all the buttons I think, and it was at a time when nobody had told me yet I should maybe keep my intros a bit shorter :-). Tutu sings her behind off, and Nic plays one of his signature gorgeous and soulful bass solos. The gig was at Rataplan, in Borgerhout (Antwerp), somewhere around 2009 if I’m not mistaken.