During the Covid period in 2020-21, I spontaneously started diving into the world of audio production – partly because of the (pretty short-lived) hype around live-streaming at the time. Tutu and me got some opportunities to play and broadcast gigs from home, and I quickly started searching for ways to make those sound as good as possible…

It turned out to be a bug that’s going to stay with me – and I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with recording and mixing. I have invested in a basic but pretty nice setup at home, and in a mobile recording rig with some decent pre-amps and microphones.

Recently I have been doing some recording and mixing for demo material for young musicians, and I wouldn’t mind doing some more. For good-sounding budget-friendly demos: do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page for more info/details – I would love to work on recording/mixing your first audio material of your new music.